Pricing and Availability

Because this project relies on the price and availability of surplus laptops, system specifications can vary considerably from system to system. In order to simplify pricing a we’ve 6 established baselines of performance, capabilities, and price. This assures the project supporter gets the most computer their budget allows. Custom systems can also be configured to suit most needs.

Price levels listed alphabetically

  • A $75 basic functionality not powerful enough for some included arcade/console 3D games may not have integrated wifi (cheaply and easily rectified by the customer if that is needed).
  • B $100 Powerful enough to run all the included apps, and included 3D games and Minecraft are playable, but not as smooth as the next level Neuron
  • C $125 More processing power, storage capacity and memory upgrade capacity.
  • D $150 Much more processing power, storage capacity base memory, and memory upgrade capacity.
  • E $200+ Much more processing power, storage capacity, base memory and memory upgrade capacity.
  • F $300+ Neuron mobile audio / video/ graphics workstations.

Some recent examples of Neuron systems available for purchase:

Neuron A IBM Thinkpad R51e $75


  • 15″ Display
  • 1.6 GHZ Pentium M CPU
  • Discrete ATI GPU
  • 1GB ram
  • 40GB hard drive
  • CD-RW/DVD drive


Neuron ‘B’¬† Dell Latitude D810 $100


  • 2 GHZ Pentium M
  • Discrete ATI GPU
  • 15.3″ widescreen display
  • 1gb ram
  • 80GB 5400 rpm hard drive
  • CD-RW/DVD drive

Neuron ‘C’ HP Compaq 6515b $125

  • 2 GHZ dual core AMD Turion 64
  • 15.4-inch widescreen
  • 1GB ram
  • 100GB 7200 rpm hard drive
  • DVD-+R/RW drive

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