About me

I’m primarily a autodidact researcher, tinkerer, and entrepreneur. With a strong background in computer hardware, home IT systems integration using GNU/Linux, some experience with content creation software who spent a short amount of time doing enterprise level IT administration and systems analysis. After deciding that career path was a poor fit, I continued doing independent consulting for some time until I took a break from doing IT as a carrear in order to focus on building knowledge bases and skill sets in other areas. One of my primary focuses has been permaculture design since I discovered first it in ~2002. I use the analytical lens of permaculture design in my entire process. My business model is based on turning wastes into resources that are used to create high value finished products. I focus on on high value products that I add value to by refurbishing, modifying, configuring, and testing.

On the hardware level, my products are selected for availability, repair-ability, longevity, and price to performance ratio. I do extensive research on what the highest value products are and seek out those units for my projects. I find market niches that would be better served with something I can ‘brew up’ than the current options, and I build from there.

On the software level I made a decision long ago that I will not actively perpetuate the use of technology as a tool of oppression by the systems of domination that seek to use it to gain total control of humanity. I always strive to come up with the most libre/ free solution for any use case. My focus has been the GNU/Linux operating system since ~2001 and I view all closed source operating systems, like Windows and Mac OS, as defective by design spyware owned by the corporatist surveillance state.

I strive to provide viable libre alternatives to clients caught in the trap of various commercial software ecosystems. From setting up Windows compatibility layers, virtual machines, and even isolating a Windows/ Mac OS computer to specific tasks that can’t be done to the customers satisfaction any other way.

I offer different lines of products for different use cases. I am a complete personal information systems integrator. Your friendly neighborhood technologist. I don’t value add by coding my own software. On the software level, my systems are completely built of software building blocks that are their own well established projects with large and active support communities. No ‘vendor lock-in’ at all. These systems don’t require me at all to continually function, or for maintenance/repairs on any level. Anybody literate in researching on-line can fully support them. There is already a vast amount of free on-line training to operate every aspect of these systems. As well as how to troubleshoot, diagnose, and repair about any possible issue. For those who can’t put the time into self-help there are many options. From buying support from independent techs to buying it from a large support company.