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Neuron is an Open Source educational project that combines free software, recycled hardware and easy to use interfaces into full featured interactive multimedia learning stations, suitable for toddlers to adults. Neuron is the embodiment of the “Low Floor, Wide Walls, and a High Ceiling” philosophy. It provides an easy way to get started (low floor), imposes no limitations beyond the limitations inherent in the technology itself (high ceiling), and has excellent expandability and interoperability (wide walls). Neuron systems are aimed at two targets: the first being an educational work/play station for children (especially home educated children) that encourages self directed learning, secondly they will be great inexpensive tools for anybody to familiarize themselves with using a Linux based desktop operating system. They will be an excellent tool to help detox from addiction to state controlled and enabled technology like Windows and Mac OS. They will enable children to grow up in an environment of technological freedom. Allowing them to explore as far as they desire into the inner workings of the system, and have unparalleled freedom to customize and modify to their own preferences and needs. From as simple as changing the look and feel of the interface to as complex as coding their own applications and modules, Neuron provides access to the tools and the knowledge. It provides the opportunity to experiment in many specialty fields with full featured software applications. Fields like software development, administration/support, recording/music, video production, web design, and more.

While this project is focused on making the excellent educational applications available to as many children as possible, these systems aren’t just for children. They have something for everybody. Each Neuron system includes hundreds of pre-installed applications. Neuron is the convergence of multiple educational software projects, pre-installed on an inexpensive recycled host computer. It is based on the Xubuntu operating system.  It combines the Debian EDU/SkoleLinux project with the Debian Junior  project. Those combined into a a single system, with  a full featured compliment of applications makes for an extremely versatile high value system.

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The computers used for Neuron systems are recycled, tested and fully function to operate the programs as described above. These units are intended to be used as self contained desktop replacements running on AC power. While any good batteries that we get with the systems will be passed along to the buyer, as batteries are a consumable, we cannot guarantee how well they function . We offer inexpensive replacement batteries for those who plan on using them as mobile devices. Currently, the cost per laptop ranges from $75 to $600. Within the lower price range the computers are not as powerful, may have a few cosmetic imperfections, but work well as an educational tool. The more expensive laptops are more powerful and will be more responsive in the applications that heavily  tax the system (3D games, professional audio/video editing applications) . The systems will vary based on laptop availability. We will keep an inventory list of the type of laptops available. You are free to choose which laptops fits your budget.

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